Why Foleyshop?

Doing Foleys is an art itself. I love Foleys! I am doing Foleys since I am thinking. I use Foleys to express myself. With Music, performances, software or constructions. I try to give the item Foley and "Foley Doing" a higher value with a good design. I think its more than worth! 

The project "Foleyshop" is an art project. It is conceptual. It presents or bring to surface a theme, which is usually unseen. I choose the "Shop" concept to raise this issue to public consciousness. 

All "articles" are designed and build by a Foley Artist and mirrors exactly the needs of a Foley Artists working place - a Foleystage.

Foleys are a very important part of my life. Foleys or noises surround us every minute or second of our life. So, they are a essential part of our life and even determine our consciousness or acting. It´s hardly surprising that noises can affect our healthiness. As a Foley Artist and experimental performer and musician, I want to give an opportunity to play with Foleys or just enjoy sound with Foleys to everybody. Further background thoughts are to create or figure out how to handle with or create Foleys. Always well designed. Therefore my creativeness don't let me rest and every day I work on my idea of a well designed  "World of Foleys". 

Thank you